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What’s the difference between Floor Area, Carpet area, Super Built- up Area?

*1. Carpet Area: It is the area which implies to the total clear usable area inside of the house. It is calculated by subtracting the area occupied by the outer and the inner walls of the house from the Total Floor Area. This term, therefore, indicates the area where actually one can walk into, or in other terms can lay a carpet into.

*2. Floor Area (Or Plinth Area, Or Covered Area): It is the area calculated by multiplying the outer-to-outer dimensions of the floor; not considering the boundary walls, but definitely taking into account the house outer walls as well as the inner walls. As such, this term implies to the area covered under outer-to-outer walls of the house.

*3. Super Built-up Area : It implies to the actual area exclusively for use by the owner (read purchaser or end-buyer) including various floors, and with proportionate addition of the common areas like lobby, staircases, shafts, lift wells and other circulation areas, areas under common facilities like basement, sub-stations, security room, garbage chutes and window projections, etc.



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Hi, This articles is really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

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